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Navigate your path to Sustainability Transformation

with community-based employee engagement tool to raise awareness and literacy on climate change


Transformation starts with TEAMwork.


Carbon Diary

Effortlessly calculate and track carbon emission from TEAM member daily activities


Gamification & Social Collab

Elevate user engagement with incentive programs and gamified features


Decarbon AI

Provide effective decarbonization initiatives at an individual level utlizing AI

How TEAM Works

Circle-based Campaign Tool

Carbon Circle enables the formation of different teams or "Circles". The app aggregates the emissions of each member to determine the Circle emissions. The organization can freely set-up layers of Circles for effectively tracking and managing its carbon footprint.


The campaign mechanism assigns engagement scores to users primarily based on their interaction with the application, fostering healthy competition both within and between the various Circles within the organization.

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How Carbon Circle TEAM works?

Omni - Stakeholder Data Collection

Carbon Emission Calculation

  • Individual consumption

  • Transportation & Travel

  • Resources Inventory

  • Energy & Utility usage

  • Emission from personal and professional activities

  • Aggregate emission data by team business units or departments

Data Application

Employee climate
engagement program

Decarbonization strategies & initiatives

CSR / ESG measurement & reporting

Work process optimization


Founded by PI Carbon, a leader in climate innovation, we recognize the complexities involved in transforming organizations sustainably. This requires full alignment and active engagement throughout the organization and its stakeholders.

Our Carbon Circle TEAM, as an Employee Climate Engagement (ECE) tool, develops employee climate literacy and promotes collaboration for a smoother internal transformation. Meanwhile, our Carbon Circle CHAIN allows the business to work hand-in-hand with external stakeholders across their value chain. Together, these tools proved to be an essential asset for achieving organization sustainability goals.



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